A Hero's Journey

Get Yourself Interrupted

Latin, IN-TER-VEN-TI-O-NEM; “an interposing, a giving security,” literally “a coming between,” noun of action from past participle stem of Latin intervenire “to come between, interrupt,” from inter “between” (see inter-) + venire “to come.”

The Hero’s Journey, as identified by Joseph Campbell, is foundational to being the Hero/Shero of one’s life. Every man and woman is the HERO or SHERO of his or her own story. The Hero’s Journey is a classic ancient mythological pattern existing in all cultures on the planet. The spiritual Quest is part of all the great world religions. According to C.G. Jung, the Journey is part of the collective unconscious, a universal psychological phenomenon; He believes it is in human DNA and plays itself out from the prefrontal cortex, the cortex and the limbic (reptilian) brain.

We all have conscious and unconscious patterns operating, some good, some neutral and some horrendous. What is sought by the Hero/Shero is help, support or a mentor; a Merlin, a coach, a sponsor, a Gornamound. What is called for is a “pattern interrupt” – an intervention:

If I, being the Hero of my own life, am required to change, grow and navigate the external terrain of my life, how do I find the old dysfunctional worn-out patterns that are operating in me – my internal environment? The key has 3 components:

Belief Systems • Energy Psychology • Patterns

Is it time for the “inner-work” of challenging your beliefs?

Where are you doing well in your life?

Where do you have struggles in your life?

Are you living passionately on purpose?

Jung called those hard to find issues “shadows.” If you are ready to be the Hero of your own life and it’s time to change, then a Pattern Interrupt is necessary and inevitable.